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S.O.P Pizza School -
Become your own Pizza Pro!

S.O.P Pizza School -
Become your own Pizza Pro!

At-Home Masterclass - $300


Become a Pizza Pro in two hours!


Stefan will come to you with dough, ingredients and all of his pizza knowledge to bring you a pizza class like never before.

Learning how to make pizzas in your own home, with your own oven ensures that not only will you learn all the skills to produce a good pizza, but you'll have hands on guidance from an internationally trained chef, so that you can ensure your future pizza parties never miss!

Things you will learn in your two-hour masterclass:

  1. How to make a 1kg batch of dough by hand

  2. How to operate your own pizza oven successfully, be it wood or gas.

  3. How to handle dough, hand stretch dough, top pizzas and cook pizzas

  4. All major tips and tricks for things that commonly go wrong - sticky dough, undercooked/overcooked edges, dough fermenting tips.

  5. Answers to any questions you have, face to face!



You must

  1. Live in Melbourne or within a close vicinity to Melbourne. (Stefan travels from Lancefield Macedon Ranges, if you live more than 1.5hrs from Lancefield, please contact Stefan directly before buying this, as it may require extra travel fees or may not be available to this location)

  2. Already have either a wood/gas fired pizza oven, whether it be brick, refractory, stainless steel or a portable oven. We do not offer training on any ovens that are not originally or mainly designed for pizzas - ie. BBQs or ovens like Kamado Joe, Webbers, Kitchen ovens etc.

  3. Specify your location in the order notes when you purchase this. Stefan will then contact you with available dates to organise meeting.

  4. Be the only person, or gifting this to one person to participate in the dough making. Stefan will only bring ingredients for one person to make dough, others are welcome to observe during this part, others are welcome to observe or participate in the pizza making and cooking, however only one person will be instructed at any one time in the 2 hour time slot.

  5. If you are operating wood, Stefan will make it known to you on which wood he advises you to buy prior to your masterclass, to ensure a smooth operation of your oven.

  6. If you are operating a gas oven, please ensure you have a full tank ready to go.

  7. List in your order notes what oven you are currently using.


If you are buying this as a gift, please message us privately and we can arrange to send you a PDF gift card.

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